Nutrition is Key to
Healthy Aging

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As we age, quality nutrition intake becomes increasingly important to our overall health and wellbeing.

What science tells us about aging:

Nutrition Needs Increase

Our body’s nutrient needs increase (source).

Muscle Loss over Time

we lose muscle over time, especially those of us over the age of 50 (source).

We Need More Protein

we tend to consume less protein (source), when in fact we need more than ever before just to maintain muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle function (source).

Meet Your


Protein is an essential nutrient that supports every cellular process in the body. Along with a balanced diet and exercise, regular intake of high-quality protein fuels your body with the nutrients necessary to lead a strong, active and healthy lifestyle.


Most adults consume adequate protein in only 1 out of 3 meals each day.

Each meal should contain approximately 25g-30g of protein to maintain muscle (source), and these needs increase as we age along with factors such as illness, surgery preparation or injuries/rehabilitation (source).

25% of males and 50% of females do not consume enough protein.

ISOlution® is an optimal protein source to actively prevent age-related muscle loss.

Why ISOlution®?


Is ISOlution® safe to take every day?

Absolutely. ISOlution® is best used to supplement a well balanced diet and can be easily incorporated into hot or cold drinks/foods on a daily basis.

Do protein supplements affect kidney function?

ISOlution® is suitable for people living with early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD); however, use caution if you have been instructed to limit you daily protein intake. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider prior to use.

What are the best ways to prepare a serving of ISOlution®?

ISOlution® can be easily incorporated into various foods and beverages using a spoon, shaker bottle (for beverages) or blender.