Why whey?

The number of protein supplements on the market is growing by the day. The most common protein sources for supplements are whey, casein, soy, pea, and rice proteins. How do you know which protein source is best? Different protein sources have benefits for different situations. However, there is one protein source that consistently comes out on top for building and maintaining muscle mass and strength. That is whey protein.

Why whey is better.

Whey protein has special qualities that make it more effective compared to other protein supplements.  Whey protein has a great amino acid profile (protein building blocks), is easily digested, and is better taken up by your muscles, than other protein sources.

Amino acid profile

Whey protein isolate has a better amino acid profile than all other protein supplement sources. This means that it contains more of the protein building blocks that your body cannot produce itself. Whey protein has an especially high content of the amino acids that are most important for muscle building (these are known as branched-chain amino acids or BCAAS). Isolution has even more of a specific BCAA known as leucine than comparable whey protein isolate supplements. Leucine is the kickstarter for the muscle-building process, meaning that you can more easily maintain and build muscle (find out more about leucine (link). 


Whey protein is more easily digested than casein and all other forms of plant-based protein. Protein digestibility refers to the amount of a protein that is broken down and taken up and absorbed by the digestive tract. After all, if your body cannot digest a protein, it cannot use it. Further, of the protein that is absorbed, more whey protein is incorporated into your body, including your muscles, than casein, plant-based proteins, and egg protein isolates.

Whey protein isolate may be the best option for getting the most of your protein supplement. Its unique attributes can result in greater muscle mass and strength maintenance and growth. (Find which protein supplement is right for you (link)). That being said, not all whey protein isolate supplements are created equal. <ISOlution® plug>

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